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Does keeping youth Close to Home really matter? A Case Study Pre-publication Discussion

March 16, 2018

On Friday, March 16 from 9:30am to noon EST, the Columbia University Justice Lab will host a pre-publication forum on New York City’s juvenile justice reforms.

The forum will include Annie E. Casey Foundation President Patrick McCarthy, NYC Probation Commissioner Ana Bermudez, NYC Administration for Children’s Services Deputy Commissioner Felipe Franco, Vincent Schiraldi, Marsha Weissman, and many more.
Watch a livestream of the event, here.

Read the preliminary research brief, here.

It is the best and worst of times for youth justice reforms nationally, with sharp declines in both youth incarceration and youth crime, while the U.S. still maintains uniquely high rates of youth incarceration by international standards. New York City is at the leading edge of reducing the use of youth prisons in its Close to Home initiative while continuing to enjoy sharply declining youth arrest rates, and it is about to implement Raise the Age (RTA), a major juvenile justice reform. Yet these reforms are facing the loss of significant funding needed to maintain the quality of services as well as absorb the new youth who will come in under RTA.

We are grateful to the Annie E. Casey Foundation for funding the Columbia University Justice Lab to conduct a case study of a jurisdiction which has substantially reduced its reliance on youth prisons. New York City was chosen, by a steering committee and among several possible jurisdictions, as the focus of the case study due to the significant deinstitutionalization achieved under Close to Home. Research for the case study is ongoing, and will culminate in a final report to be released in Fall of 2018.

This forum serves as a pre-publication press conference about Close to Home and our initial findings (9:30-10:15), followed by a panel discussion with key New York City stakeholders (10:30 – noon). Casey Foundation President Patrick McCarthy will be on hand to react to our initial findings and put them into the context of youth justice reforms nationally.

Read the preliminary research brief, here.

Coverage of the Pre-Publication Discussion:

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