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Emerging Adult Project

Bridging justice between childhood and adulthood

The Emerging Adult Project at the Justice Lab leads action research projects focused on 18-25-year-olds involved in the justice system. Our mission is to inform and drive developmentally appropriate and effective justice responses that advance successful paths to adulthood.


The Emerging Adult Justice Learning Community is a Justice Lab initiative to convene young adult justice researchers, practitioners and policy makers nation-wide to pioneer new and improved justice system approaches to emerging adults.

Emerging Adult Justice Learning Community, 2017-2020
The Emerging Adult Justice Learning Community (EAJLC) is a carefully organized collaborative learning environment that brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and advocates twice a year over a three-year period in order to create more developmentally appropriate, effective and fairer criminal justice responses for youths ages 18 – 25. Participants of the Learning Community are all engaged in some aspect of this work in their professional pursuits.

Despite the fact that emerging adults have some of the worst criminal justice outcomes in our justice system, little attention has been paid to the research that would support new and improved justice system responses. The Learning Community’s goals are to provide researchers and policy makers access to one another in order to increase learning, practice and policy innovations by translating academic research into effective policies and developing opportunities to research burgeoning practices that contribute to a more equitable treatment of this population.


Check our news page, What’s New in the World of Emerging Adult Justice? to learn more about recent developments in EAJ.

To learn more about the Emerging Adult Project at the Justice Lab or sign up for our listserv, contact Lael Chester.

EAJ Resources


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Other Resources
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Emerging Adult Justice In the News

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In Billerica, Young Prisoners Give Freedom A Trial Run. WGBH News. April 5, 2018. Story by Cristina Quinn on the new specialized correctional unit for young adults, People Achieving Change Together (P.A.C.T.) unit, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

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