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Minnesota had the 7th highest community supervision population rate of the states in 2015.a

Community Supervision Rateb (per 100,000 U.S. adult residents) 2015

Community Supervision Population (per 100,000): 2,489
Probation Population (per 100,000): 2,328
Parole Population (per 100,000): 161

Percent Change in Community Supervision Population (January to December 2015)


Probation Exits to Incarceration 2015

Total Number of Probationers Exiting to Incarceration: Data are not available.
Probation Exits to Incarceration (% out of total reported exits): Data are not available.
Ratio of Probation Exits to Incarceration:Completion: Data are not available.

Parole Exits to Incarcerationd 2015

Total Number of Parolees Exiting to Incarceration: 2,940
Parole Exits to Incarceration (% out of total reported exits): 48%
Ratio of Parole Exits to Incarceration:Completion: 23:25

Source: U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (2015)
a Excludes Alaska and Oregon due to missing data. District of Columbia was ranked among the states.
b Counts from the Bureau of Justice Statistics were rounded to the nearest hundred. Parole and Probation rates may not sum to total due to rounding.
c Some or all data are estimates.
d Probation or Parole exits to incarceration includes individuals who were incarcerated in 2015 with a new sentence, revocation, to receive treatment, and other reasons. Completions includes individuals who successfully completed probation or parole and were discharged in 2015. Total reported exits includes individuals who exited probation or parole due to incarceration, absconding, being discharged to warrant or detainer, death, and other or unknown reasons in 2015.